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If you have booked an airline ticket with Aeromexico Airlines and now you want to cancel the flight due to any problem or unpredictable situation, you can cancel the flight at any time before the scheduled departure of the flight. If you cancel the flight reservation with Aeromexico there may or may not be a cancellation charge, it depends on the condition of the Aeromexico flight Cancellation policy in which you are canceling the flight.

Everything you need to know about the Aeromexico flight Cancellation

Aeromexico is a flag carrier airline that offers scheduled flights to its passengers to more than 90 destinations. To ensure that the passenger can enjoy a comfortable journey With the airline various services are there which one can avail Once they book their reservation With the airline. Furthermore, to help out the passenger during unpredictable events, the airline has introduced a manage booking option in which one can Opt for canceling or changing their reservation, and for those who want to cancel their reservation here is the Aeromexico flight Cancellation policy that will help you to claim and get a quick refund.

Aeromexico refund policy-

If you cancel the flight within 24 hours after the reflection period after the flight booking time, as long as the flight has been booked at least 7 days before the flight departure, you do not need to pay the cancellation fee and the Full refund will be paid in the original form of payment. If the flight is canceled after 24 hours after the ticket purchase, a cancellation fee will be deducted from the cost of the ticket and the remaining amount will be refunded. If you have booked within 7 days after flight departure, a cancellation fee will be deducted from the cost of the ticket and the refund will be transferred to your travel bank, which is good to use on future flight reservations. request, no refund will be generated.

Once you canceled the flight and requested a refund, the amount will be credited to your bank within 7 business days, if the payment was made by credit/debit card and if the payment was made by another method it will be transferred within 20 days.

How to change Aeromexico Airline Flight Ticket.

• Firstly go to the Aeromexico official website.

• On its homepage click on the 'Trip' at the top.

• Next you will have two options 'log in to Aeromexico' and 'for retrieving flight reservations.

• Then you need to select 'retrieving flight booking via e-ticket, then you will need to fill in details such as ''reservation'' and "surname".

• Click on the search reservation button.

• Then you will reach the Aeromexico "manage booking" page where you will see many options.

• Choose the "cancel a flight option".

• Follow the instructions and continue to cancel your Aeromexico cancellation process.

• Finally you will get a message of confirmation of your canceling a reservation.

Aeromexico flight Cancellation fee chart

As per the Aeromexico flight Cancellation policy, the cancellation charges and feel will be according to this.

• Your basic fare will be non-refundable

• Classic fare will also be non-refundable

• Comfort fare will be non-refundable

• Flexible fare is free

• Premier fare is also free