Pet Policy

Aeromexico pet policy

Aeromexico pet policy is an airline which is known for offering its customer the finest service during their journey, and who are traveling with their pets they are offered a special policy that ensures a hassle-free travel experience for the pet as well as the passenger. On most Aeromexico flights, 6 pets are allowed in the cabin. If you want to find out the details about your Airline and its pet policy, you can contact the Customer Service Team at

Aeromexico pet policy in the cabin

Aeromexico pet policy welcomes small dogs and kittens to fly in the cabin if the flight is less than 6 hours in length. A passenger is allowed to bring 1 pet on board with them. Please make sure your pet is nice and clean before flying. During the flight, they need to remain in their carrier. As a general rule, dogs younger than sixteen weeks are not allowed to travel with Aeromexico. The maximum weight for flying in the cabin on some flights is 7kg.

Aeromexico pet policy in checked baggage 

Larger pets are not allowed as checked baggage with Aeromexico, but they can travel as cargo in the hold.

Carrier guideline

Aeromexico pet policy for that are traveling in the cabin, Carriers must be hard plastic so the pet can turn around and lay down naturally.

carriers may be hard or soft plastic, with a single piece interior base that is observant with well-ventilated sides.

They should have food and water dispensers attached to the inside.

The carrier should have enough space for pets to sit comfortably, turn around, stand and lie down in a comfortable position.

Any animal that smells bad or is badly groomed is not be accepted.

Aeromexico requires your pet's certificate of good health.

  • As per standard rule, it is required that dogs are at least 4 months old to travel with Aeromexico Airlines.
  • The reservation of pets should be done on the same flight as their owner.